Kart Specifications

General Specifications

Overall width not to exceed 50”/1270mm.

Overall length not to exceed 78”/1982mm.

Pneumatic tyres must be fitted all round and not exceed 14” in diameter with a maximum of four wheels per kart. Grass tyres must be 13 x 5.00/6 Duro HF213. Grass tyres only may be used at the Norfolk Arena shale meetings.

An efficient braking system must be fitted and operate on at least the rear axle or both rear wheels.

An efficient silencer must be fitted and contained within the limits of the kart and must point downwards.

A bumper bar must be fitted to the rear, a minimum of 75% of the width of the tyre, and a maximum width not exceeding the width of the tyre. The lower edge to be level with the chassis. The height of the roll bar should be at least 50mm/2″ above the driver’s helmet when seated and a stay bar for support.With effect from the start of the 2016 grass season, there must a stay bar from the chassis to the roll bar joining a maximum of 100mm/4 inches from the top of the roll hoop.

No nose cones or side pods on the kart.

An adequate chain guard must be fitted at all times.

Four number plates must be fitted, one at the rear, one at the front, and one on each side. All number plates to be a minimum of 9”/229mm square and be made of plastic showing figures not less than 6”/152mm high and 1”/25mm wide. All numbers must be clearly visible. These should be mounted above the height of the seat back.

Mud flaps must be fitted to the rear bumper. Minimum of 9”/229mm square.
Side protection bars must be fitted on both sides. The lower rail should be fixed at the chassis height, protrude horizontally and not rise more than 1”/25mm in height. It should protrude no further out than the outside edge of the tyres and to a minimum of 75% of the void between front and rear wheels. The top rail to cover a minimum of 50% of the void and be no higher than the top of the wheels.
Petrol taps must be fitted to the tank or fuel hose so flow to the engine can be stopped

All components to be securely attached and free from jagged or sharp edges.

The Chairman’s decision is final!




In respect to the WDKRC’s Health & Safety policy, it has for some time been a club requirement that the specification for the back bar (Roll Bar) height for all karts is for the bar to extend to a minimum height of 2inches (50mm) above the height of the drivers head whilst the driver is seated upright in the kart with head back and helmet on.

It has been noted at recent race meetings that some karts are still failing to meet this requirement.

In future no kart will be allowed to race at a WDKRC meeting unless this specification is met. This will be checked at the point of pre-race scrutineering.

If your kart fails to meet the specified requirement, you will be given the opportunity to correct it before racing. There are welding facilities available at all WDKRC race meetings where the back bar can be set to the specified requirement. Welding is offered at a charge. Failure to correct the issue will result in refusal for that kart to be allowed to race, so it is in your best interest to ensure that your kart’s back bar meets the specified requirement before attending a WDKRC event.

This measure is put in place by the club in your own interest and in respect to your own personal safety whilst competing in a WDKRC race meeting, and is a requirement of the WDKRC’s latest Health and Safety policy.

The Committee. WDKRC.



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