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Grass 2017 back at Club’s field, Manea
July 30th 2017 Round 4
August 27th 2017 Round 5
September 24th 2017 Round 6
October 22nd 2017 Round 7

Summer Shale Evening GP TBC

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Rule Changes

Following this years AGM we have a couple of rule changes.
The first and most important is a safety item, an addition to the back bar rule. The existing rule states the height of the roll bar should be at least 50mm/2″ above the driver’s helmet when seated and a stay bar for support. With effect from the start of the 2016 grass season, there must a stay bar from the chassis to the roll bar joining a maximum of 100mm/4 inches from the top of the roll hoop.

The second change is number boards are to me mounted above the height of the seat back. Also championship boards, eg C plate, E1, GP will still be allowed in addition to  your four standard number boards. We’ve had karts displaying C or E1 on the front and numbers on the side and back making it difficult for lap scorers




 About the WDKRC

The Wisbech & District Kart Racing Club (WDKRC) is one of only three grass karting clubs in the country, and is also the largest of the three. For more in-depth information about the club, please follow this link. Club History

The other two grass kart clubs and also our close neighbours and racing colleagues are the Bourne and the Coningsby kart clubs.

To find out more about the Bourne and the Coningsby kart clubs, please follow the Links to their websites.

WDKRC ‘Grass Championship’ race meetings are held on our own club field in Manea, Cambridgeshire. on the fourth Sunday of the month, from April to October. Please see Race Dates for more info and times.
Throughout the winter months, from November to March, the club host the WDKRC Winter national set of meetings, which are held on the ‘Shale’ circuit at the Norfolk Arena in King’s Lynn. These meetings are held on the second Sunday of the month.

Please see Race Dates for more info and times.

The WDKRC are also the proud hosts, and have been since it’s inception 5 years ago, to the ‘British Championships’ for grass karting.
The ‘British Championships’ are a three day event, hosted on our Manea field in July of each year. Please follow the links to ‘Race Dates’ and ‘British Championships’, for more information.

The WDKRC’s proudest boast is the great atmosphere of friendship and the very family oriented basis on which the club exists. Membership to race with the club starts from the age of seven (7) years, and has no upper limit. Many families belong to and race with the club, seeing many generations of the family both current and past enjoying the facilities and challenges that the club presents. This in no way detracts from the seriousness with which these members contest their sport, with all members racing competitively on the track, whilst maintaining great off the track friendships.
Like all clubs, the WDKRC are always pleased to welcome new members, and offer great advice and support to anyone wishing to join our club. If you would like to just pop along to a race meeting to see what we are all about, please do so. Entrance to our events is FREE to all. If you like what you see and would like to have a go, just introduce yourselves on the day and we will be pleased to welcome you and advise you accordingly.

Latest Track News

Updates to Website for 70cc-250 open karts.

Yo gilbertron, this is a start on the website, I have started changing over the Domain as yet. I have no idea why i am writing this as i am probe standing right bloody next to you!!!!!   Lets have a look through the site and see what else you need ok